Nakupovať v Tulipe sa oplatí

Zapojte sa do súťaže o darčeky a nákupné poukážky a v hodnote 1000 €. Pripravili sme vám brožúrku s nálepkami, ktorú vyplníte, vhodíte do TULIP boxu a ste v hre.

We are open and we have everything you missed

Dear visitors of OC Tulip, we are fully open again from Monday, April 19! Come and see new fashion trends and take advantage of everything we have prepared. Throughout the month, you can compete for shopping vouchers worth € 1,000 and trendy gifts from fashion brands. We have everything you missed. We are looking forward […]

Rules of entry into the premises

The TULIP Shopping Center adjusts the opening hours – from 08:00 to 20:00. In the center and facilities, wearing an FFP2 respirator is mandatory, the measure does not apply to children who use a veil.

Newly renovated toilets now available

At the beginning of 2021, the TULIP Shopping Center in Martin opened the renovated toilets. The aim of the investment was to increase the comfort of visitors of the center and offer at the same time increased safety in compliance with hygienic measures.

We have opened a new Smartshop

Welcome to the data age! The Digitall brand, together with the e-commerce Smartshop and the mobile operator 4ka, has opened a new modern and larger store.

RELAX MARTIN: New solariums and procedures in Tulip

Each one of us wants to look younger, healthier, skinnier, but mostly feel happy in your own body “like home”. How to do it? We have visited newly opened operation RELAX MARTIN, where Petra Ptáková Revayová told us about her recipe. 

BANQUET – partner for household

The shopping center Tulip has enlarged its portfolio with the brand BANQUET. The opening was carried with pleasant family atmosphere – family Vnučákovcov from Martin have cut the tape.