Why are the chairs in the cinema red and other interesting things from the world of cinemas

When the Lumièr brothers screened the 48-second film The Arrival of the Train on white screen in Paris in 1895, they certainly had no idea that they had started a huge billion-dollar business.

Have you ever wondered why all the seats (not only in the CINEMAX cinema network) are red? After all, creativity has no boundaries. Why do all cinemas around the world have to look all the same? If you think it’s for designers to simplify their work, you’re wrong.

There are two reasons why you enjoy a movie of the same color all over the world. First, it is a kind of tribute to Italian opera, which has been the cultural center of all cultural enthusiasts for centuries. In typical Italian operas, red and gold are dominating.

The second and perhaps even more important reason is the fact that red is the only color that we stop perceiving in the twilight. Thanks to its undisturbed influence, we can perceive the desired darkness and thus enjoy the film. Of course, there are also cinemas that have decided to change. In France, for example, you can find blue and gold.

Why has popcorn become a typical snack?

It’s hard to imagine a more typical American food than popcorn. We guess everyone likes popcorn. There are already various flavors on the market – salted, raw, butter or caramel. But who can we call the discoverers and the first fans of popcorn? You may be surprised to learn that the first traces of popcorn were discovered by archaeologists in a thousand-year-old Peruvian tombs. The Iroquois Indians made popcorn in clay pots filled with heated sand. At that time, they broke corn out to make popcorn soup.

So popcorn is not just a modern invention of young people. The popcorn tradition as we know it today began during World War II, when sweets were not as readily available as they are today. This forced cinema owners to move to another, much cheaper alternative – popcorn. Gradually, however, people became so accustomed to chewing this roasted corn while watching the film – they can’t even imagine any movie performances without it.

The profits of cinema networks do not come from ticket sales

Although everyone would expect cinemas to live on ticket sales, this is not quite the case. The largest share of income comes from the sale of popcorn and snacks. What would you do for a perfect film experience?

Thursday is chosen as the day of CINEMAX film premieres

Why is that so? Most people go to the movies on Fridays or weekends. Thursday is therefore an ideal day for visitors who come here on Thursday to motivate and submit positive reviews for those weekends.