Hair salon


Frisör Klier is hairdressing company, which has many of its branches in the whole western and eastern Europe. 

The business was established by miss Klier, master in hairdressing, in the year 1948 in Werdau in Sask.

In almost 60 years of its operating the company has built privileged position on the German market with hairdressing services and today it belongs between the biggest and greatest in its field. It owns more than 1000 hairdressing salons. Exactly 1000 in Germany, 30 in Austria, 46 in Czech republic and 23 in Slovakia. 

To secure long-term success for the firm, the quality of the employees has become the most important part of the company Klier. An atmosphere in the salon acts pleasantly and relaxing and the price is always in the direct intention with the quality to the provided services. Employees are regularly professionally trained. In our salon Klier in TULIP Center Martin the employees work with professional cosmetics, which is inseparable part of quality work. It is also proved by the constant growing of the number of customers, who will get not only expected services but also professional advice on the selection of hair cosmetics. You will find this hair salon Klier near to the grocery store in TULIP Center Martin. It provides men’s, women’s and children’s haircut, guidance, care about the customer with pleasant relaxing washing. Hairdressers are available 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Phone number+421434277137
Opening hours8:00 - 20:00
Payment cardno
Gift cardyes