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ALPINE PRO provides to its customers wide range of products using the latest production technologies and functional materials. On its design it is also cooperating with leading fashion designers. 

The brand is mostly based on outdoor and sports clothes, winter ski jackets, trousers, functional underwear, backpacks, bags and also on comprehensive collection of outdoor shoes. 

The collection of products of the brand ALPINE PRO is divided into this categories:

  • Extreme: highest functional row, clothes, shoes to the harshest natural conditions made from the materials of the best quality (Event, Vibram, PTX membranes) emphasis on function and protection  from bad weather and supports the highest achievements. 
  • Outdoor: equipment for easy terrain and residence in nature, functional clothes for sportsmen, lovers of mountains and fresh air, emphasis on comfort and protection from bad weather. 
  • Authentic: clothes for free time and traveling and to the city, which is designed for maximum practicality, comfort and freedom 
  • Casual: fashionable clothes to the city with an emphasis on natural materials
  • SKI: clothes and accessories for skis, snowboard and for winter trips, it uses functional materials to reach high protection from low temperatures, humidity and wind with full feeling of freedom while doing sports. 
  • Performance: functional clothes for outdoor and indoor sports activities, main sports: cycling, in-line, running, collective sports, fitness, cross-country skiing
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