Health and beauty


The number 101 symbolizes 101%. There are many sellers, who offer “everything”. 101 says: “We offer everything and something more”. 101 doesn’t mean the number of the shops, which company wants to operate. Strategy of the company is based firstly on the customers satisfaction.


101 Drogerie offers around 6000 types of goods to its customers. Cosmetics has been placed as the most important assortment – hair, skin and decorative cosmetics, women fragrances, but also products for men, oral hygiene, child care, women’s hygiene. Less important assortment is goods for home care – washing powders, cleaning and washing accessories. In our shop the customers can also find wide assortment of hair haberdashery, candles, burners, gums. 

Assortment 101 Drogerie is constantly innovating, expanding and adapting to the needs and requirements of customers. Around 1000 kinds of goods can customers buy in 101 Drogerie for discounted stock prices. They can find out about the offer through the leaflets which are delivered to mailboxes over the whole Slovakia for every two weeks. 

Except for the regular leaflet actions, 101 Drogerie prepares for its customers many other marketing events, in which the customer can get free goods to their purchase or proceeds to draw for the great prizes. There are no exceptions in 101 Drogerie for the visits of beautician, makeup artist, hair expert, who will not only give advice to the customers but they can also use their services right in the shop and for free. 

Phone number+421918490111
Website101 DROGERIE
Opening hours9:00 - 21:00
Payment cardyes
Gift cardyes